Buying an eBook?

Why Should I buy an eReader?
A voracious reader’s appetite is never satisfied until he or she has laid their hands on every possible book of a particular genre. But, it may happen that you are not able to read all the books that you love. The reasons for such a sad situation could range from the unavailability of the book to your inability to buy it. In fact, it is the occurrence of such situations that is gradually leading to the depletion of the reader community. However, if you are book lover, such situations should not mean the end of the world. Yes! You could still read all the books that you like on an eReader.

What is an eReader?
For people who are yet to familiarize themselves with this marvel, the eReader is a gadget that enables people to read books. Being a result of the advancements in technology, this gadget is an absolute boon for people who love to read without being bothered about the burden of procuring the book or paying a handsome price for a particular edition. It is easily available and allows you to get your favorite book at the mere click of a button. If you think reading the digital version on an eReader is difficult, you are grossly mistaken. An eReader is total fun to use and thanks to the technological inclusions; you get an almost real time experience when it comes to reading the digital version. In simple terms, this means that while you read on an eReader, you can turn pages, bookmark them, etc. giving you the similar feel of paperback book reading. Amazing, isn’t it?

It has Portability and Capacity
An eReader clearly offers several advantages. For example, you can read the book of your choice as well as carry it around without bothering about damaging it, if you are using an eReader. In fact, portability is just one part of the entire story. An eReader also offers capacity. You can carry hundreds of books in the palm sized device and your treasure will remain secure. The eReader also promotes better reading habits by allowing readers to take notes and find meanings of relevant words during the course of their reading. This means that you don’t have to get up and flip through the pages of a diary or the dictionary because the eReader comes with an inbuilt version.

A pleasant experience!
When you are a passionate reader, leaving a good book mid-way for routine chores like eating, travelling, etc. can be quite annoying. After all, it is a daunting task to remember the pages, isn’t it? But with an eReader, you can take care of all these problems. In fact, an eReader will keep the page open for as long as you wish. Even when you have to leave the book, the eReader will remember the last read page, you don’t have to bother about it.

It will keep your secret!
We have already told you about the ability of an eReader to allow you to read even when you are on the move. But, did you know that the travel reader also keeps secret. If you find it hard to believe, imagine a situation where you are reading a steamy novel in the train. People are bound to give you stares and this surely spoils your reading experience. On the other hand, an eReader bails you out of such situations. Yes! When you are hooked on to the eReader, people around you can never figure out what you are reading. So, you can enjoy browsing through any type of book without bothering about the passers-by peeping into your window.

Where do you get the books?
The eReader saves you the time and effort of walking into a physical store and buying the book. When you are using an eReader, you can purchase all your eBooks through the online portal of Googleebook. With their exhaustive range and easy to navigate online portal, Googleebook is an excellent option when it comes to buying eBooks. Also, the eBook versions on this portal are affordably priced and available in an easy downloadable format compatible with all types of eReaders. In fact, there are times when you may not find the book in print version but it is easily available on Googleebook in the digital format.

Buying the right eReader:
Now that we have convinced you about the usability of an eReader and introduced you to the wonderful collection of Googleebook, the next obvious step is about buying the right type of gadget. There are plenty of options when it comes to looking for a eReader and this choice can leave you confused unless you manage to get the basics right. Start by figuring out your requirements and gradually proceed towards comparing the different options before you finalize your purchase. Each time you come across the option, insist on going through the technical specifications because it gives you a better idea about the product and its abilities. The ideal eReader should be lightweight, sturdy and compatible with the easily available versions of eBooks. Here are a few factors that you need to keep in mind when buying an eReader:

The Screen Size: You are going to be reading and so the size of the screen is very important. Opting for small screens can strain your eyes when you try to read.

The ideal weight: A normal paperback book weighs close to 15 ounces. Keep this as a benchmark and opt for an eReader in the category of 5 to 25 ounces to ensure that you don’t end up choosing a model that is heavy to carry.

Compare prices: There are many brands that offer eReaders. So, when you step out to buy, remember to compare your options on the features as well as price range factors.

The Battery Life: Like all electronic gadgets, the eReader comes with a battery that has a limited supply and requires to be charged at regular intervals. Usually, the battery life of an eReader is shown as the number of page turns that it can manage. These details are specified in the product features and should not be very difficult to locate.

Compatible versions: There are many types of eReaders that support only specific versions. This restricts your choices as well. So, opt for a model that is compatible with the versions that you are planning to read. So, what are you waiting for? Free the spirit of the reader within you and enjoy a never before reading experience with an eReader!

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